Shallow 5 3/8" Frames Unassembled #2 - #W503

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Item #W503

Unassembled shallow 5 3/8" frames, grade #2. Nails for assembly sold separately. Fits shallow super. All end bars come with holes drilled for wiring.

#2 or Commercial grade frames are made using mostly clear lumber and will feature some knots or visual imperfections. Imperfections do not impede the use of the frame or the structure of it. All of our frames are hand made for precise fitting pieces and the very best quality!

Make sure to chose your top and bottom bar!

Grooved top bar is mostly used with plastic foundation. Wedge top bars are needed for wax foundation.

Slotted bottom bars have a slit running all the way through, mostly used with wax. Grooved bottom bars can be used for wax or plastic. (Note, we do not currently carry plastic foundation for shallow supers.)

*Must order in multiples of 100 to get the quantity discounts. Discount can be split between sizes but each size be in multiples of 100 (We can not give the discount on 40 deep and 60 mediums for example). If frames are not ordered in multiples of 100 we will call and adjust price.*

Picture order from the top- Grooved top bar, wedge top bar, grooved bottom bar, slotted bottom bar, shallow end bars