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Item #Q113

The Queen Castle is an excellent way to rear queens, build up brood and more! For queen rearing, just move a frame with a queen cell into one section with 2 frames of brood and wait 2-3 weeks. Your queen will be mated and ready to go! 

Our Queen Castle features three compartments that fit three frames, a fully screened bottom board, an entrance for each compartment, and pre-drilled holes in the top slats for mason jar feeders. It also comes with the lids! Frames not included, only depicted for informational purposes.

For feeding, you will  need an additional super to put on top of the box to protect the jars of feed. Then use a regular 10-frame top. (Not included.)

You can also choose not to use the feeders. Just leave the lids in to close up the holes, and add a regular top. 

Comes in commercial grade wood.

Commercial (or #2) grade woodenware is a great value. Wood will have knots that are small and tight, or other small imperfections. All of our woodenware is handmade for precise fitting joints and the very best quality!

This listing is for the UNASSEMBLED box. The screen bottom will be assembled.