Handmade Key Fob/ Wrist Straps

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Handmade by our manager Tyler, these wrist straps are perfect for keys or attaching to a small clutch. They make it very easy to find keys that always seem to wander off or hide in the bottom of a bag. (Take that from someone who can never find their keys.)

These are made in a variety of prints and fabrics. Please refer to the picture for the ones currently in stock. They will be marked through as they are sold.

Since these are handmade, everyone is unique and may have differences in stitching or hardware color. The vinyl fabric inside is generally random but will be neutral and match the fabric.

Please put what option number you want in the notes section of your cart. If you do not leave an option we can surprise you with a random one! These measure 1.25" (option 1) or 1" wide (all other options at this time). They are roomy and will fit almost all wrists.