Handmade Hand Sanitizer Holders with Sanitizer

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Handmade by our manger Tyler. Hand sanitizer holders can easily clip onto bags or keychains to keep hand sanitizer close. These fit the 1 oz travel size hand sanitizers (one is included) or the 1 oz bath and body works sanitizers. These are made in a variety of colors and fabrics. Please refer to the picture for the ones currently in stock. They will be marked through as they are sold.

Since these are handmade, every one is unique and may have differences in stitching or hardware color. These are backed with felt and vinyl and that color will coordinate but may not be the same color from the front. (Some of the yellow honey comb ones are backed with white.)

Please put what option number you want in the notes section of your cart. If you do not leave an option we can surprise you with a random one! It doesn't show well in the picture, option 3 has a bit of sparkle!