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Item #A404

The Resource Hive is a great way to provide extra support for your bees. You can use this to over-winter nucs, create splits, boost weaker colonies, or raise queens. The resource hive features a 10 frame deep box with a divider. This turns it into two separate 4 frame NUCS. Included with the kit are two 4 frame NUCS, which allow your colonies to grow. The resource hive sits on a divided bottom, with one entrance in the front and one in the back to keep the bees separate.  Included in the kit are: 1 assembled resource hive bottom, 1 assembled deep 10 frame hive body commercial grade, 1 divider board, two assembled 4 frame NUC deep boxes commercial grade, 2 NUC inner covers, 1 10 frame telescoping top. 

Commercial (or #2) grade woodenware is a great value. Wood will have knots that are small and tight, or other small imperfections. All of our woodenware is handmade for precise fitting joints and the very best quality!

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