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Item #C512

AMINO-B BOOSTER® is a liquid protein that provides vital amino-acids! It is essential for bee longevity & BROOD PRODUCTION. It helps fortify overwintered pollen. Use for early spring feeding to build up brood for pollination and to maximize production. Use to rapidly build up packages, nucs and swarms. Use for feeding bees during times of colony dwindling, late winter, mid-summer, dearth’s of nectar and pollen or droughts.

To the novice beekeeper:

Do not use prior to long winter clusters unless preparing colonies for early pollination. Feeding AMINO-B BOOSTER® after honey bees shut down brood rearing in the fall can start brood rearing again which could be detrimental to the colony. The colony (cluster) could stay over the brood during winter not moving to honey and starve. Also, they need sufficient stores of honey due to the heat needed to maintain brood.

Feeding AMINO-B BOOSTER® AND HONEY B HEALTHY® can invite robbing during times of extreme dearth of nectar, especially late summer and early fall. If this occurs, we suggest feeding during evening within the hive and reducing the entrance to prevent robbers from entering.