6 Frame NUC Hive Body - #W119

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Item #W119

9 1/2” X 11" X 19 7/8” NUC Body. Nuc's are made of commercial grade lumber. Unassembled

NEW! 6 Frame NUCS were a custom request from Kamon Reynolds that we have made availible to everyone! The main idea for this size is to fit 5 frames, as in a traditional NUC, but also a deep feeder (Item #M531). These were made with the Motherlode feeders we sell in mind so other brands may be a tighter fit.

Commercial (or #2) grade woodenware is a great value. Wood will have knots that are small and tight, or other small imperfections. All of our woodenware is handmade for precise fitting joints and the very best quality!