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Item #W129

Complete NUC includes:

 9 1/2” X 9 1/4“ X 19 7/8” NUC body, inner cover, telescoping top, and bottom board (screen or solid.)

Comes Unassembled- Check out item # A129 to get this kit assembled!

(Does not include frames, nails, or wax.)

These NUC's are made from Pine, Commercial Grade Lumber. The top is the same quality as the 10 Frame Telescoping Top. The bottom boards are tongue and groove or screen. The inner cover does have a hole for a Bee Escape and a vent in the frame. NUC's are great for keeping a spare queen and her brood in case of loss in your standard hive or for hiving a small swarm.

Commercial (or #2) grade woodenware is a great value. Wood will have knots that are small and tight, or other small imperfections. All of our woodenware is handmade for precise fitting joints and the very best quality!