Guarantee  - If upon receipt of your order, you are not satisfied with the fit or quality of our equipment, return it immediately (within 30 days) unused, for full refund or exchange. If we have made an error in shipping which requires a return we will refund any transportation costs you have incurred.

Prices  - We try not to change our prices in the middle of the year. Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control we may have to change prices on a product.

Returns  - Inspect your package upon receipt. If you are not happy with product quality, or want to exchange it for a different size, please repack the item(s) and return to us within 30 days unused and unaltered. If product is damaged do not repack or continue unpacking. Leave it for the UPS inspectors to inspect. Call us immediately upon noticing damage.

Back Orders  - Be sure when filling out the order form to check what you'd like us to do if we are out of an item and must back order it. Additional shipping charges will be added for all back orders. If you don't want us to send any back orders, please be sure to check that option in space available on Order Form.

Terms  - We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, Discovery, Checks, or Money Orders. A $20 fee will be charged for any returned checks. We reserve the right to impose any state or local taxes imposed on us. We also reserve the right to limit quantities sold to anyone.

Shipping  - All carriers are going up on their shipping charges due to transportation costs. The fuel surcharges, rural delivery fees, oversized fees, dimensional weight fees and so on. We try not to raise rates in the year but we must raise the cost to you when they raise our rates. Make sure we have your current address. UPS charges $11.00 for address corrections which will be passed on to you.

Shipping Information  UPS is our preferred method of shipping. We find it to be very reliable for quick delivery and orders arrive in good condition.  Additional Charges May Apply  Please make sure we are given your correct address when ordering. A $11.00 address correction fee by UPS will be added to your bill. Freight charges for back ordered items will be the responsibility of the customer. All over-payments under $5.00 will be credited to your account. If your over-payment is more than $5.00 we will issue a check with your shipment.

Free Shipping Free shipping applies to most orders with a subtotal of $150 or more, that can be sent UPS ground or USPS in the lower 48 states. (Expedited shipping does not apply.) Some items marked “Does not qualify for free shipping” or custom-made items, will not ship for free. If you combine free shipment eligible items and non-qualifying items, we base the shipment amount on the weight of just the non-qualifying items. Items excluded from the offer are subject to change without notice. We will not ship backordered items for free. If you order something that is out of stock, we will call you and can take the item off or hold the whole order until the item is back in stock.

Refund  - All refunds will be made promptly. If the refund is under $5.00, it will be applied as credit to your account. If you prefer not to have it applied to your account, state so on your order form. If refund is over $5.00 we will issue a check immediately.

Please be sure to note   size   of product you are ordering

If you have any questions about an order, feel free to call us for any assistance we may be able to provide.