Formic Pro 10 Dose Pack

Formic Pro 10 Dose Pack


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Product Information

Formic Pro is a new product from the makers of Mite Away Quick Strips to treat Varroa mites. It has many of the same feautures of Mite Away that you love, but has been improved to be easier to use.

Formic Pro:

  • Is safe for use on honey supers!
  • Has an extended shelf life of 24 months from manufacturing.
  • Has 2 options for use, Option One: 2 strips for 14 days. Option Two: 1st strip for 10 days remove and replace with 2nd strip for an additional 10 days.
  • Is highly effective.
  • Finally, has  no temperature requirements for storage, bur daytime temperatures still must be between 50° F - 84° F (10° C- 29° C) when used.

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