Swarm Commander 5 Vial pack

Swarm Commander 5 Vial pack



Product Information

*This product replaces the vials we have sold previously. 

A brand new product from Blythewood Bee Company. Swarm Commander Crush Vials are a new and easy way to bait your swarm traps. Simply remove the vial from the package. Crush the vial in the center until the internal glass vial breaks and the swarm commander fluid is released. Allow the fluid to absorb into the cotton plug. Swab the landing board of your hive as desired. After that, throw the lure into your box. Your hive will be baited for a minimum of 2 weeks (Tests Show 20 Days)
















How to Use Swarm Commander Vials
















Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure Vials are very easy to use. Simply open the vial and dip a Q-Tip in the solution. Swab the Q-tip across the front of your hive landing board a number of times. When finished, place the Q-tip in your hive. Check your hives at least once a week to see if a swarm has taken up residence in your hive or trap. When checking your hives, make sure to check the potency of the swarm lure. If you can still smell the lure, there is no need to reapply. DO NOT spray too many sprays in the hive or trap. Doing so will deter bees from taking up residence.