Muth Jar 4 oz.

Muth Jar 4 oz.


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Product Information

Due to incredibly high demand for containers, honey jars will be in limited or out stock for the foreseeable future. Jar manufacturers have switched over to making containers for hand sanitizer, soap, etc, due to Covid-19. Most of the plastic jars and lids we use for honey are out of stock or incredibly limited at the suppliers, and unfortunately, that means we cannot get them for you. We should be able to get some glass jars, and I encourage you try them as an alternative for this season! We will all do what we can to make it through and hopefully be back to normal next season!

The Muth Jar is a vintage style glass jar, great for samples and gifts. With an eye-catching square shape, embossed design, and cork closure, this jar is truly unique. 36 per case

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Does NOT include honey!

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