Mite Away Quick Strips 2 Pack

Mite Away Quick Strips 2 Pack


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Product Information

 Mite Away Strips (MAQS) are now available for the treatment of Varroa mites! These strips are easy to use, very convenient, and you don’t need any extra equipment. The treatment lasts for 7 days and it is the first treatment you can use with honey supers on. It is a single application treatment that fits in the bee space of the brood chamber. Mite Away is a plant-based gel which contains formic acid and formic acid is naturally occurring in honey. Mite Away has a daytime temperature range of 50 to 92 degrees F. The strips are biodegradable as well. They can be left in the hive or taken out and composted.



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Contains 2 doses of Mite Away Quick Strips (4 strips)