Deluxe Kit Assembled

Deluxe Kit Assembled


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Apollo Jacket:
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Sizing for jackets is currently limited but our order is making it's way in slowly! If you don't see your size availible in the drop down list, please check back in a couple of weeks. Call us at 888-848-5184 and we can add you to a list to call when they come in. 

Now availible in 10 or 8 Frame!

This kit makes for a great gift.  Know someone who is interested in becoming a beekeeper as a hobby or part-time career?

1 Complete Hive: 

1 - 9 1/2" X 16 1/4" (13 3/4") X 19 7/8"  Hive Body - Assembled

10/8 - 9 1/8" Frames- Assembled

Pine Bottom Board Or Screen Bottom Board- Assembled

Inner Cover

Telescoping Top

Entrance Reducer

1 Complete Medium Super: 

1 - 6 5/8" X 16 1/4" (13 3/4") x 19 7/8" Medium Super- Assembled

10/8 -6 1/4" Frames- Assembled

Wood/Metal Entrance Feeder

1 - 4x7 Smoker w/Shield

1/2lb Smoker Fuel

Goatskin Gloves (specify  XS, S,  M,  L,  XL)

Half Suit (Specify S  -  2XL)

Hive Tool

Bee Brush

10/8 sheets 8 1/2" Black Pierco Snap in Foundation or Crimp Wire Foundation

10/8 sheets 5 5/8" White Pierco Snap in Foundation or Crimp Wire Foundation

The Backyard Beekeeper