Our Guarantee

We here at Miller Bee Supply are immensely proud of the beekeeping products we produce. Most of us here are beekeepers ourselves and know the value of quality woodenware. That's why we fully guarantee the products we sell in both material and workmanship. If upon receipt of your order, you are not satisfied with the fit or quality of our beekeeping equipment, call customer service to receive a RA number, (within 30 days) unused, for a full refund or exchange. If we have made an error in shipping which requires a return we will refund any transportation cost you have incurred.

Our Woodenware

All of our woodenware is handcrafted using only the finest East Coast White Pine. Through our personalized selection process, we are able to obtain a better grade of lumber, reducing dramatically the incidences of large knots and other structural defects. This insures a quality product with minimal waste, which of course helps keep the cost down. We use only US Standard sizes in our constructions. Hives and supers have finger joint corners and predrilled nail holes to help eliminate splitting during assembly. All of our grades of woodenware are manufactured in the same way by machines designed by owner Presley Miller. His years of experience in machine design and beekeeping have given us the opportunity to provide the best quality woodenware available. 

Woodenware Quality Descriptions:

Select Woodenware: Our finest quality wood with very small knots. Products made with select grade have precise fitting joints that are hand cut for the very best quality.

Commercial Woodenware: Is a good quality wood with tight knots. This grade is the commercial beekeeper’s #1 choice. An outstanding value! Our top seller!

Budget Woodenware: The most economical choice with multiple solid or loose knots, functional cracks and knots in fingers. No imperfections that interfere with the structure and functionality of the box are accepted.