Tools and Hardware

Hive Tool
Product Code: M314
Hive Tool This hive tool has a tapered flat end for prying and removing frames and one curved end for scraping. $5.95
L Shaped Rabbet
Product Code: M323
L Shaped Rabbet L Shaped Rabbet. Made from light gauge, pre-punched and pre-bent metal. Helps decrease the propelious to help get the frames out. L shaped rabbets make great supports for IPM (sticky boards) in your screen bottom board. $0.40
Mouse Guard
Product Code: M311
Mouse Guard The Mouse Guard is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is designed for a 10 frame hive. The 3/8" holes are the right size for worker bees to enter and exit the hive and will keep the mice out. $5.95
Nails - 1-1/4
Product Code: M332
Nails - 1-1/4 1-1/4". Estimated quantity per lb is 1,150. Used in frame construction. 1 lb will assemble approximately 100 frames. $3.95
Nails - 3/4
Product Code: M333
Nails - 3/4 3/4". Estimated quantity per lb is 2000. Used for nailing foundation wedge. $4.50
Nails - 5/8
Product Code: M335
Nails - 5/8 5/8". Estimated quantity per lb is 2848. Used for nailing foundation wedge. $4.50
Nails - No. 7
Product Code: M330
Nails - No. 7 No. 7  Est. Qty per lb is 180. Used for nailing hives and super bodies together. $3.95
Nuc Clauss Hive Dome
Product Code: M015
Nuc Clauss Hive Dome The Clauss Hive dome features a non intrusive way to take look at your bees. Channels moisture to the sides so no more wet comb from condensation. Available for nuc, 8 frame and 10 frame sizes. Simply place on top of hive surround with empty Hive or Medium super cover with telescoping top. $15.00
Plastic 9 Frame Spacer Gauge Orange
Product Code: M310
Plastic 9 Frame Spacer Gauge Orange 9 Frame Spacer Gauge Space your frames evenly and economically with this durable plastic spacing tool. $12.95
Spur Wire Embedder
Product Code: M539
Spur Wire Embedder This handy tool is used for embedding the wire into the foundation.This tool can be heated to help melt a bit of wax around the wire. $10.25
Stainless Steel Frame Grips
Product Code: M315
Stainless Steel Frame Grips Grips Top Bar of frame for one-handed loosening and removal of even the most stubborn frames. This frame grip provides a wider grip and greater spring tension than our aluminum frame grip. Heavy Duty. $10.95
Stoller 9 Frame Spacer 100 pack
Product Code: M331
Stoller 9 Frame Spacer 100 pack 9 Frame Spacer, 100 Qty. Used for equally spacing 9 frames in a 10 frame box. $66.00
Support Pins
Product Code: M327
Support Pins Support pins are used in place of cross wiring your wax foundation. Simply insert pins through holes in end bars. Pack of 100 $8.25
Wire Crimpers
Product Code: M534
Wire Crimpers This crimper makes wiring frames fun. Wire your frame loosely and run this crimper over the wires. The crimping takes up the slack and makes the wire tight and much easier to embed into the foundation. Helps give wax foundation the extra support it needs. $8.75
Yellow Hive Tool
Product Code: M313
Yellow Hive Tool Yellow Hive Tool. An economical hive tool. Yellow painted steel with nail pulling slot, 10". Bent edge works well for scraping. $4.95

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