Nozevit Plus

Product Code: C606
Medication Information


Product Information

Nozevit has been in use for many years as your all-natural partner in helping maintain honeybee intestinal integrity. Many scientific papers have been published throughout the world detailing the consistent repeatable results achieved when using Nozevit as recommended. Nozevit is an all-natural plant polyphenol and phytonutrient product using only USA and EU certified organic ingredients. 

Mix 1 teaspoon Nozevit plus per quart of thin 1/1 syrup and apply vis drench method over top of frames while still in box. Additional mixed syrup can be fed through frame or hive top feeders after drenching. One gallon of syrup will drench approximately 12 hives.

Feed 4 times 4 days apart in the early Springand 4 times4 days apart in the Fall. Also add to syrup when feeding throughout the year. Unused portion can be refrigerated in its original container. Shelf life of 4 years.


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