Para - Moth - 5 lb
Product Code: C408
Para - Moth - 5 lb 100% Para-dichiorobenzene, active ingredient. This product aids in keeping Wax Moths and their larva under control in stored supers. $38.95
Para-Moth Drawer
Product Code: W617
Para-Moth Drawer When storing your supers for the season, simply stack five high and place the Para-Moth drawer on top. Then add up to 5 more supers. This makes it easy to add Para-Moth to the drawer and no unstacking. $20.50
Varroa EasyCheck
Product Code: C615
Varroa EasyCheck The Varroa Easy Check is new tool beekeepers have been asking for reliable Varroa monitoring. All beekeeping outfits big and small should have one on hand for quick diagnosis of Varroa infestation levels. The inner cartridge holds the bees and allows the mites to fall through to the outer section to easily count the mite load. $19.95

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