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Honey-B-Healthy, Helps Your Hives to Thrive , Use as a feeding stimulant for late winter, early spring and during dearths of nectar.  Use to help build up packages, nucs and swarms.  Helps calm bees when used as a spray.  Spraying bees helps prevent fighting when combining nucs, swarms and colonies.  When sprayed on new wax or plastic foundation helps encourage the bees to draw out the new foundation. For about 0.10 cents per treatment, many commercial beekeepers are using Honey-B-Healthy, as a cost-effective way to keep their colonies strong and vigorous. When added to a candy or patty mixture, helps encourage a more rapid consumption along with the added benefits of Honey-B-Healthy.

Note: Some commercial beekeepers have reported that 1 – 2 teaspoons of HBH per quart of candy or patty mixture seems to work well. Adjustments may be required to optimize consumption. Using only certified ingredients, HONEY-B-HEALTHY® is produced in a modern, state-of-the-art FDA licensed food-manufacturing facility under strict GMP guidelines. Only after passing strict quality assurance tests, including tests on live hives, is each production lot of HONEY-B-HEALTHY® released for distribution. Furthermore, add to your feeding mix to help build up packages nucs and swarms.

A 16 oz. bottle makes up about 96 eight ounce drench treatments at 4 tsp. (20ml) per quart 1:1 sugar water or 24 gallons of recommended feeding mix at 1 tsp (5ml) per quart of sugar water which can be increased to 2 tsp. per quart.

To use Honey-B-Healthy® as a spray to calm the bees instead of smoke, use 4 teaspoons per quart 1:1 sugar water mix.

Since essential oils are volatile and may evaporate from open containers and open feeders, closed-type feeders are recommended unless consumption by the bees is rapid. The concentrate and solution mix should be tightly sealed when stored for extended periods of time. If feeding in open barrels, feed during times of nectar dearth when there is a rapid consumption of the mix by the bees. Honey-B-Healthy concentrate can be mixed in syrup solutions ahead of time and kept in tightly sealed containers and fed when needed. To insure even distribution of essential oils after lengthy storage, mix or stir before applying to hive feeders. REMEMBER, DO NOT FEED OR DRENCH WITH HONEY SUPERS ON. Feeding Honey-B-Healthy can cause robbing during times of extreme dearth of nectar, especially during the fall. If this occurs we suggest feeding during evening within the hive and reducing the entrance to prevent robbers from entering.

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