5 Frame Nuc's

  Pick Up Only

$170 each

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March 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th



                        Cloth Hats $8.00 Large and Medium Sizes Available.




  Special Deal!

100ft Roll of Hardware Mesh 


8-Mesh (8  squares per inch & 36" wide)

Hardware cloth

Now is the time to prepare!

Winter wraps are in stock! Order now and be prep ared!

double-150x150.jpg   single-150x150.jpg

              2 Story Wrap- $19.95              1 Story Wrap- $11.00

        Covers 2 Hive Bodies                Covers a single hive  



    12oz Skep Jars          Bee Smart Frame Gripper       Beetle-Bee Gone

         $11.95                                  $9.85                                $7.50

    12oz Skep Jar              BEE Smart Gripper    Beetle-Bee Gone



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